Training Sounds of change

Training Sounds of change

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Sounds of Change trainers Han Van’t Land and Hashem Kabreet have returned from the training they gave Bună Ziua kinderen in Roemenië, Buna ziua, Copii din Romania’s team, active in Romania. They trained the Bună Ziua team in the Sounds of Change method and mindset.

Bună Ziua has been supporting children, young people and their families for more than 20 years. In addition, they offer therapy for children and their parents in the ‘Therapeutic Center for children with a disorder in the autistic spectrum’.

Since the end of February 2022, immediately after the outbreak of war in Ukraine, they have been taking in refugee children and their relatives, offering shelter and psychosocial support.

In the training, the team of Bună Ziua learned how to design creative music sessions and to work in a trauma sensitive way. Hashem and Han shared many activities, techniques and musical games that Bună Ziua’s team can immediately use with the groups they work with. They even made Romanian variations of some exercises and games.

During this training, they noticed that making music together strengthened the connection among the participants and gave space for more freedom of expression, and it also gave a growing feeling of safety and relaxation to the team. They also noticed the excitement, willingness and confidence in the team to integrate these techniques in their work

Hashem Kabreet:

“It was very nice and fulfilling knowing that Sounds of Change is reaching new places and people, bringing more music, colours, fun and connection to their work.” In these 5 days the participants experienced a whole day of Sounds of Change approach, where they shared stories and emotions, played and had fun, sang, and started composing a team song about the power of music. Which broke the ice and brought everyone more together and was a good step towards loosening up and feel more safe to express and connect. “We are very glad that we had the chance to learn more about Romania, its history, nature, culture & food, We could even learn couple of Romanian words and expressions and that we made a lot of nice memories and connections with this special team.”

Han Van’t Land:

“It was a great experience to run a workshop in a new country. Bună Ziua is doing important work with vulnerable children in Barlad, a small city near the border of Moldavia. The training and the ‘Sounds Of Change Method’ had a  positive and connective impact on their team. After a week the team was excited to use the power of music as an easy, creative, and effective tool in their work with children. |It was amazing to see how much this group reached in just a week!”

We did this project in collaboration with War Child Holland and TEAM UP.